Uncommon And Hidden Termite Damage | Building Inspection Perth

termite damage under carpet

During a recent Pre-Purchase Building & Pest inspection we uncovered some hidden termite damage in this stud frame studio. In the photos you can see the extensive termite damage within the actual wall which could be seen from an opening in a sliding door frame, termite damaged gripper rods and carpet underlay, small holes in…

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Slab Issues Found With The Mesh | Building Inspection Perth

concrete slab with alligned mesh- ups

Issues found with the mesh that stopped the slab from being poured that morning! Recently Bestwest Building carried out a Slab inspection which involves inspecting everything that goes into the slab to ensure it meets Australian Standards requirements and any engineers details. While we were onsite at this job, we realised that in some areas…

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Termite Activity In 10 Year Old Home | Building Inspection Perth

termite activity in 10 year old house

Many home owners assume they are exempt from termite attack if they are living in a relatively new property or even if they live in an older “brick & tile home”. Unfortunately this is a huge misconception and leaves thousands of homes open to termite attack. Recently Bestwest Building carried out a Pre-Purchase Building and…

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