Termite Mud in Plaster?

BWB Termite Mud on Plaster

Have you ever seen a termite lead coming through a plastered wall? This is a rare thing to see however it definitely can happen! Our expert Pest Inspector Joel spotted this during a recent Pre-Purchase Inspection. In the photos you can see a small amount of termite mud coming through the plaster on this internal…

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How To Minimise Your Risk Of A Spider Infestation

Spider infestation

If you asked most people to write a list of things that they didn’t want to invade their home, spiders would surely have to rank somewhere near the top. These eight-legged creepy crawlies instil fear and revulsion in many, which is completely understandable. Thankfully, we offer a comprehensive spider control service that can make your…

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Serious Issue found on Roof Cover!

BWB Tile Battens

Bestwest Building were recently carrying out a Construction Progress Inspection at brickwork & roof frame stage when Mark found a serious issue regarding the installation of tile battens. It may not seem like much in the photos below however where the tile battens have been fixed to the roof frame, the nails used have been…

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Amazing Termite Find!

BWB Door Frame Termite mud

Joel was carrying out a Pre-Purchase Timber pest inspection recently and spotted this tiny amount of termite mud on top of this timber door frame! Bearing in mind the door frame is about two feet taller than Joel is, this is a seriously impressive discovery! The friendly homeowner told Joel that the pest inspector he…

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Major Structural Defect on 15 year old home!

BWB Split Underpurlin

A bit of an unexpected defect on a 15 year old home! In our experience it is not normal to see structural defects on a home that is only 15 years old. Inspecting this roof frame revealed two split underpurlins which are structural components and therefore classify as a major structural defect that would need…

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