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Your bed is one of the most important places in your entire home. Not only is a safe and comfortable place to sleep vital for getting the rest you need to function, it also has a major impact on your health and overall physical and mental wellbeing. A bed bug infestation can quickly turn your bed from a safe and welcoming sanctuary into a real nightmare.

Because of their hardy nature and ability to reproduce and spread quickly, early intervention is extremely important when it comes to bed bug infestations. It’s also extremely difficult/nearly impossible to get rid of them without the assistance of a qualified pest controller. That’s why is really pays to be able to identify an infestation as soon as possible and give yourself the best possible chance of dealing with the problem quickly.

Even if you’ve never experienced a bed bug infestation before, make sure you read the following information about how to effectively identify and deal with one. It might just save you a lot of time, money, irritation and sleepless nights further down the line!

How To Identify An Infestation

The first sign of a bed bug infestation is usually waking up with itchy/aggravated areas on your skin that you didn’t have when you went to bed. If this starts occurring around the same time that you acquired some used furniture or bedding, it’s a good bet that that’s where the infestation started.

Other signs that you have a bed bug infestation on your hands include:

  • Blood stains on your pillowcases, pyjamas or sheets.
  • Dark or rust-coloured spots on sheets, mattresses, bedclothes or walls. This is bed bug excrement. They feed on blood, so their excrement often resembles it.
  • Bed bug egg shells, fecal spots or shed skins in bedding or furniture.
  • An offensive, musty odour (which is released from the bugs’ scent glands).

What To Do If You Think You Might Have An Infestation

As we mentioned before, it’s vital to act quickly if you suspect you have a bed bug infestation in order to prevent them spreading throughout your entire house. We understand that you might not want to jump the gun and call us as soon as you get a little itch, so to confirm that you’re dealing with bed bugs, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Remove all bedding and check it thoroughly for the signs of bed bugs and their excrement (listed above).
  • Remove your mattress and inspect it and your bed frame thoroughly.
  • Check the area around your bed including inside books, radios, carpet and even in electrical outlets. It might sound silly, but bed bugs really can get everywhere!
  • Check your clothing in your wardrobe and drawers.
  • Ensure that you keep all items during this process in the same area. In the case of an infestation, moving these can result in bed bugs spreading further throughout the house.

Although it may be tempting, it is best to not try and treat the infestation yourself. Doing this could make the infestation worse and cause the bed bugs to move to other areas of the house that we otherwise wouldn’t have to treat.

If you find a specimen during your search, it is best that you keep it on hand. This will make it easier for our team to identify the bed bugs and decide on the best treatment for your situation.

Get On The Phone And Call Us!

As soon as you know that you’re dealing with bedbugs, get on the phone and call us on (08) 9444 9562. Our qualified pest control experts can get there swiftly and help put an end to this potentially catastrophic problem.

If left untreated, bed bug infestations have the potential to spread throughout your entire house and make it virtually unliveable, so the sooner you can nip it in the bud, the cheaper and easier it will be.
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