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Please ensure the same email address is used as per the booking form

The client, upon making the booking for a Property Inspection or other service, acknowledges having been given the opportunity to read our Terms & Conditions of Service. The client is deemed to have accepted BWB’s Terms & Conditions of Service upon the booking being completed. The report is subject to BWB’s Terms & Conditions of Service, which forms the basis of the agreement between BWB and the client. A copy is available on BWB’s website, provided with each report and available separately upon request. 

Payment Details: 

Please note there is no payment processed when you complete this booking page. Your debit or credit card is pre-authorised at the time of booking although no payment is processed immediately. 

For Pre Purchase Building & Timber Pest Inspections: 

A $100 deposit will be debited once the service has been scheduled and confirmed, with the balance of the payment processed once the report is ready to be emailed to you. 

An appointment will be arranged and confirmed upon receipt of this completed booking form. 

For Construction Progress Inspections: 

The payment works as a 'pay as you go' type of arrangement. There is no payment processed when you complete the booking form and the payment for each stage is processed once that individual report has been completed.

Thank you for your valued business.

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