Changing Your Roof Cover? Here’s What You Need To Know

Keeping your roof cover tied down

When purchasing or renovating a new home, you may want to change your roof cover to update the look. Although it’s a fairly common part of the renovation process, over the years we’ve seen that most of the houses we inspect that have been the subject of a roof cover changeover, do not have the correct tie downs installed. 

Unfortunately, most homeowners are not aware that tie downs are required when changing from tiles to sheet roofing and simply rely on their contractor to fulfil the requirements. This can end up causing them a headache down the track with a significant roofing repair cost.

How can I change my roof cover correctly?

When doing a roofing installation or changeover, it is vital that you check the supporting structure is strong and will be tied down adequately. If you’re changing to a heavier roof cover, you will need larger structural support elements to hold the increased weight. When switching to a lighter one, you will need to upgrade your tie downs to prevent the roof from being blown away. 

No matter what type of material you are changing your roof to, you always need to check the roof condition as roof supports deteriorate over time and need to be replaced.

When choosing a contractor to complete the roof installation or changeover, ensure that you use a structural engineer or a registered builder with the relevant qualifications and experience. In some cases, the contractor with a drastically cheaper quote than the others are the ones who will take shortcuts and not correctly do the roofing installation.

When obtaining quotes from roofing contractors, ask what tie downs they will be installing and to ensure this is included in the quotes they provide you with. 

Do I need a building permit to change my roof cover?

A permit will most likely be required when replacing a roof covering with a different shape or weight. You can find out more information about the types of permits required here. We would also suggest contacting the local council/shire to verify what permits you may require. The builder listed on the permit will then be responsible for ensuring that all roof installation work complies with industry standards and regulations.

BestWest independent building inspections

While there is no requirement for any independent party to review the roof installation or if the changeover has been done correctly, it is up to the owner to trust the work or get an independent building inspection done. 

At BestWest Building, we want you to feel confident that your new roof cover is in excellent condition. If you’re renovating your home, ensure that you get the best service and save on potential roof repair costs with an independent building inspection. Simply give us a call and we’ll provide you with an obligation-free quote!

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