Consumer Rights

Do you know what rights you have when building your own home?

It is your consumer right to have an Independent Building Inspection as part of your construction and handover process. This does not negate your entitlement to inspect your home yourself but is in addition to. Our established system ensures that during construction and at Practical Completion stage that your property is thoroughly inspected by the independent building inspection team at Bestwest Building.

A useful Home Building Contract Act fact sheet which makes for easier reading than the entire act can be found by clicking HERE.

Here is the full Home Building Contracts Act 1991 which applies to contract values of less than 500k for your reference, click HERE.

26. Access for inspection of building work.

  1. A builder under a contract or a person acting on behalf of the builder must not prevent the owner or an authorised person from inspecting the home building work to which the contract relates if the owner or authorised person is acting in accordance with –
    a) the contract; and
    b) such provisions as are prescribed.
    Penalty: $1000
  2. A provision in a contract that prohibits or restricts inspection of home building work is void except to the extent that it –
    a) restricts inspection to the builder’s normal working hours; or
    b) precludes inspection that would unreasonably impeded or interfere with the building work.
  3. In subsection (1) authorised person means –
    a) a person acting on behalf of the owner under an authority in writing; and
    b) a person who is providing finance for the home building work or a person acting on behalf of such a person.

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