How A Dilapidation Survey Could Save You Dollars | Building Inspection Perth

Let’s start with a scenario. There are major construction or infrastructure works occurring next to your home. During this process the vibrations caused by the earthworks cause cracks in your walls and your landscaping is damaged by some of the heavy machinery. Whose responsibility is it to pay for repairs to your property? You’d assume it would fall on the company that is performing the work, but the real question is can you prove that it was them that caused the damage? This is where dilapidation surveys come in.

Providing Reassurance & Proof

Building works, construction, infrastructure projects, roadworks and demolitions all have the potential to cause damage and building flaws in nearby properties if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Deflection of brickwork, cracks in walls, damaged fences, water entry and damage to landscaping are all serious issues that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to rectify. The key is being able to prove that it was the nearby works that caused the damage.

A dilapidation survey report is a special purpose property inspection. During the survey, an experienced builder will survey the property condition prior to the works commencing and assemble detailed photographic documentation of pre-existing faults. If damage is noted on your property after the construction of demolition starts, your dilapidation survey will help you get it repaired or support your ability to reclaim the cost of repairs if need be.

Similarly, if you are the company undertaking the works, the dilapidation survey can protect you from false claims or court action over damages that you were not responsible for. This can save you large amounts of money in both legal fees and unnecessary repair costs.

Getting In Early Is Vital

To ensure that you have the legal protection you need to support a damages claim, it’s vital that you arrange a dilapidation survey before the works commence. Fail to do so and you can leave yourself exposed to the risk of having to undertake extremely expensive repairs should your property become damaged. It’s all about having credible documentation (including images), and our dilapidation surveys can provide that for you.

Here at BestWest we’ve unfortunately witnessed people who have seen significant defects in their home arise due to adjacent construction works, but due to the absence of a dilapidation report prior to the work commencing, they were stuck covering the cost of the repairs themselves. To ensure that the same doesn’t happen to you, get in touch with us today.

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