Know what you’re entitled to during a building inspection

It’s important as either a home builder or a home buyer that your largest investment is structurally sound and in the case of a new build, satisfies the relevant Building Code and Australian Standards.

A credible building inspector can help ensure that when you are purchasing a property it is structurally sound and when you are building your dream home it meets the minimum requirements of the building code and Australian Standards.

How can I ensure my Building Inspector is credible?

By using a building inspector that is a member of an industry leading association, such as the BIAWA, ensures that their work and standards are being upheld.

The BIAWA (Building Inspectors Association WA) is the building inspectors association trusted by Bestwest Building to uphold the highest standards in the industry.All building inspectors must have

  • Current builders registration
  • Suitable insurance
  • Experienced and quality work
  • Satisfy the requirements of Australian Standard 4349

There are some building inspection associations out there which follow different minimum requirements for membership, recognition and guarantees of their endorsed inspectors.

How do I learn more about Australian Standard 4349

AS 4349 covers the standards,  and code of practice of residential building inspections. Unfortunately the standard is restricted to those that purchase it, however you can learn more here.

The risks of not using a credible inspector

By not utilising a registered builder for your building inspection in Perth, you risk having a low quality report that may not satisfy the requirements of AS4349, the inspector also may not be insured.

Some real estate agents and settlement groups limit their inspections to an authorising body of their choice. In some cases this can go against the Australian standards and limit the scope of inspections. If utilising a private agent contract that restricts the inspectors ability to perform their job, you are entitled to use an inspector of your choice.

Any faults not identified during an inspection due to a restricted contract will not be covered by your insurance or under Australian Legislation.

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