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4.9 out of 5 stars

Jenny Thao Vu
Jenny Thao Vu

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

We would highly recommend to engage Bestwest team for all your house purchase or building project. Harry and Mark produced a very thorough and detailed reports with lots of photos and explanation and were happy to help us with any queries we have had after the inspection. The booking process was quick, smooth and easy too. Worth every cents of dollar in a long run! Thank you team for the exceptional service!

Eva Song
Eva Song

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Harry ,Mark and his team performed a very thorough building inspection on an existing proposed and presented a detailed, easy to understand report with many of photos. Harry and Mark made themselves available after hours to talk us through some parts of the report and gave us reasonable advice regarding ways to manage the defects which had been found. I was very impressed by the speed and professionalism.

g rif
g rif

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I would like to thank Harry and his Team for providing such a prompt, comprehensive pre purchase Building Inspection. Professional, friendly and quality service. Well worth engaging Bestwest Building inspections for piece of mind and clear advise.

Jarred Stenfors
Jarred Stenfors

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I couldn't recommend Harry and his team at Bestwest Building Inspections highly enough. From my initial contact through to the report the team demonstrated professionalism and respect. This was greatly appreciated. Thank you for the detailed report, Harry.

Cole Vindevoghel
Cole Vindevoghel

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Mark, Harry and his team performed inspections throughout our new build last year. Their professionalism, vast knowledge, attention to detail and advice are some of the reasons that I recommend them to anyone building a new house. However, the most important service they offer is peace of mind, knowing that your build is as compliant with building codes as possible.
In my opinion, the money you save in the long run by getting things right up front far exceeds the price of the service, making Bestwest Building Inspections a sound long-term financial decision.
I would (and do) highly recommend Bestwest Building Inspections to anyone that is looking to build a new home.


FAQ about Building Inspections Perth


Why use Bestwest Building Inspections?


Bestwest Building Inspections is a family run business founded by Mark Lewer who is a Registered Builder with more than 35 years building experience. With a tried and tested inspection process which exceeds Australian Standards AS4349 Bestwest Building Inspections provides premium building inspections/reports throughout Perth, Mandurah & Yanchep. Our inspection team process ensures that the whole team will consider serious defects to ensure the best representation is provided to our customer.


Does the inspection include entering the roof space to inspect the roof frame?


YES – assuming reasonable access is available, this is an important part of the inspection as there are often hidden defects that can’t be seen without entering the roof space. However beware, as many alternative building inspectors will only review the roof space from the top of the ladder in the manhole opening.


Does the inspection include a review of the roof exterior?


YES – we will review all visible areas of the roof exterior. It isn’t possible to provide a thorough review from just inspecting from the top of the ladder at gutter level.


Does the inspection include an inspection of the sub floor?


YES – assuming reasonable access is available in accordance with the provisions of Australian Standards for Pre Purchase Building Inspections AS4349.1 – 2007. Which older properties it’s not uncommon to find structural defects under the floor, which often can’t be seen from the manhole.


Does the report include photos of the defects?


YES – It’s our view that this is an essential component of the report to help illustrate defects for you to further negotiate with the seller. We can provide a cheaper text only report, which is available from other inspectors, but we recommend you spend a little extra to ensure you’re fully informed on the property purchase.


The property is new or recently constructed, do I don’t need to get a building inspection?


It’s advisable to have an inspection whatever the age of the property. We see a surprising amount of Building Code Non Compliance on new and newly new properties. It’s the builder’s responsibility to build in accordance and provide no less than the Building Code of Australia.


How much notice do you need to carry out an inspection?


We can usually attend site within 3-5 days which you’ll appreciate can vary subject to demand.


Once the inspection is carried out when will I get the report?


We undertake to email your report within 24h hours of the inspection being carried. However the report is usually emailed on the same day of the inspection.


Do you carry out Pest Inspections?


YES. Instant Online Quote


How do I get a quote for an inspection?


Bestwest Building has an Instant Online Quote facility, which covers your average single storey family home, in the Perth area. This is an emailed no obligation automated quote, which is available 24 hours a day.


Can I book online?


YES. Upon receipt of your emailed quote you’ll note a link in the email which enables you to book online. Can a quote by email not using our Instant Online Quote facility.


Who arranges access to the property or site?


We do, once you’ve submitted your booking form we’ll acknowledge receipt and then contact the agent to arrange access.


Can I use the report for a Building Commision Dispute, SAT Tribunial or Court Case?


We don’t claim to satisfy all of the Building Commision Dispute requirements for reports as these become financially unviable for your average Construction Progress or Practical Completion Inspection which is sufficient for most of our customers. However we are aware that some of our reports have been used for this purpose with some success. Our inspections are generally carried out in accordance with AS4349.0 and AS4349.1-2007. Where the inspection is for a Construction Progress or Practical Completion Inspection it is expected that the builder will rectify the defects listed without dispute or referral to a third party for arbitration. Should these defects be disputed, a more detailed report may be necessary for submission to the the Building Commission, SAT or the Court System.


Do you check the Building Plan Measurements on new construction?


During a Construction Progress or Practical Completion Inspection we will undertake a limited review of the overall room size dimensions on the main habitable rooms and garage (excluding, but not limited to the kitchen, bathrooms, WC and laundry) to verify that the size of the room is within tolerance provided that building plans have been received at least one working day before the inspection. Please note this isn’t a review of every measurement on the plans and focuses on verifying that the room sizes on the main habitable areas are within tolerance. 


How do I know that the Inspector is qualified and experienced to carry out your building inspections?


There is an Australian Standard for Pre Purchase Building Inspections, AS4349.0 and AS4349.1 which applies to all Building Inspections in Perth and requires that “the person carrying out a property inspection should be a suitably qualified and experience”. There is not a government department in WA that issues licenses or certifies inspectors for the role.


The Truth: Experience, knowledge and thoroughness vary from inspector to inspector. A person is not qualified as a home inspector just because he or she claims the title. In WA a building inspector doesn’t even require a license. Therefore, it is important to do your homework when evaluating home inspectors. Be sure to visit their website and also give them a call to talk. Ask about what services they provide and how much experience they have in the building industry. Check their website for a sample report or ask to see one so that you can know what kind of report to expect. Not all home inspectors are created equal and it is up to the client to do their research and find a good one.